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Dear PSG Chairpersons / Parent Representatives,

Greetings from PEO!

At our annual Work Plan Seminar 2013, Minister for Education Mr Heng shared in his speech that he washeartened to hear of many parents who volunteer in our schools. He highlighted Mr Karim bin Abbas, PSG Chair of Blangah Rise Primary, who has an unusual record as a parent volunteer.

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The Parents in Education (PiE) Website provides information on education issues, parenting tips and home-learning resources to support parents as they guide, counsel and supervise their children at home.

The website serves as a communication gateway waith parents, connecting them with information and resources targeted for the parents and enhancing collaborations between the MOE, schools and parents.


You may gain access to the PiE website through: Parents in Education

Ministry of Education has enhanced the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS).

Students from households with gross monthly income of $2,500 and below will be eligible for the FAS. For households with monthly income in excess of $2,500, students can still be considered for the FAS if there are five or more members in the household (comprising parents, unmarried siblings, grandparents and other dependents) and the per capita income is $625 or less.

FAS recipients are not required to pay school fees and standard miscellaneous fees. FAS recipients are also eligible for free textbooks and school attire. In addition, students sitting for national examinations (i.e. GCE “N”, “O” Level) need only pay 25% of the examination fees. All students can opt to pay their 2nd Tier miscellaneous fees from their Edusave account.

If you are eligible and wish to apply for the MOE FAS, please complete the attached application form and return it to the school as soon as possible / please obtain a copy of the application form from the Office and arrange to complete it and to return it to the school as soon as possible.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the school general office at 6769 1491 or the School Counsellor Mr Daniel Leong at email; office number 6769 1491-Extension 151.

There is always some element of risk associated with all physical activities, sporting or otherwise. As such, students should always ensure that these risks are minimized before the start of each activity. In many instances, accidents and injuries can be avoided if one adheres to safety practices. The following document provides a list of safety tips and practices, provided by the Singapore Schools Sports Council, to guide you before, during and after the participation of sports and games: pdfSafety Tips for Sports Games

Singapore School's Sporting Activities

Parents can find out important details about the Singapore schools’ sporting activities and safety measures through the School Sports website.